Seed Mixes

We offer 7 different prairie seed mixes, all consisting solely of species native to Minnesota. While some plants will tolerate shade, prairies generally require full sun to thrive.

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Garden Kits

Use live plants to create your own instant prairie garden! Each kit includes a total of 36 plants, each with at least 6 different species. Six types of kits to choose from!



Orders DO NOT ship to your home. All orders will be available for pick up at the Scott County Fairgrounds. 

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Native wildflowers and grasses are a wonderful way to beautify your landscape while providing excellent habitat for song birds, pollinators and all sorts of other wildlife. A prairie can be planted in your back yard, or used to restore the soil in large, worn out crop fields or pastures. All our species are native to Minnesota, and require minimal water, fertilizer or regular mowing...making them a wonderful alternative to large, manicured lawns. 


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