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Plant Kits
The Scott SWCD Spring Plant Sale 

The 2023 Scott SWCD Plant & Seed Sale is currently closed.


Products do not ship to your home.

Items purchased will be available for pick up at the Scott County Fairgrounds during business hours.

Mon - Thurs: 7am - 4:30pm

Fridays: 7am - 3:30pm

Please call to schedule a pick up day with SWCD staff. 

Othr Products spring

Rain Barrels and Compost Bins

Rain Barrels and Compost Bins are a great way to bring conservation efforts right into your own backyard! 

Seed Mixes

Minnesota Native Plant Kits

Our native plant kits offer an easy, diverse package for people looking to add Minnesota native flowers and grasses to their property.

Each kit includes 36 individual plants, with 6 different species. 
Covers approximately 50 sq. ft. 


Plants size are 1" plugs

Special Note Regarding Plant Kit Species:


The species that we anticipate being in each plant kit are listed in the product description. Because of the large volume of orders and the fragile nature of nursery stock, we cannot guarantee that every species will be in the kit.


In some cases, substitutions will need to be made. Possible substitutions are listed in the description.

Every kit is guaranteed to contain 36 plants and 6 different species. 

Minnesota Native Plant Kits for Sale

Individual 6 Pack Native Plants For Sale

This year we are excited to offer individual Minnesota native plants for sale! Each flower comes in a pack of 6, 1" plugs. Perfect for adding in a specific species to your garden or adding onto a plant kit above! No substitutions will be made for these flowers. LIMITED QUANTITY!

Minnesota Native Seed Mixes

Native wildflowers and grasses are a wonderful way to beautify your landscape while providing excellent habitat for song birds, pollinators and all sorts of other wildlife. All our species are native to Minnesota, and require minimal water, fertilizer or regular mowing, making them a wonderful alternative to large, manicured lawns. While some species tolerate shade, prairies generally require full sun to thrive. 

Special note regarding seed mixes: The species in each kit are listed in the product description. Successful establishment of native grasses and wildflowers requires proper site selection, preparation and short and long term maintenance. Please reach out to our Scott SWCD staff to assist you with your project to ensure it is successful!


Seed Mixes for Sale

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